April 16,2024
Over the years, we have helped many Calgarians with safe and secure storage space. Many times we have helped our customers estimate the size of unit they need. When we go through the list of items that are going in to storage, we always provide some tips and tricks whenever we can to try and help the client get the most out of their storage space.
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February 12,2024
Preparing your home for sale is an important step in the selling process to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. Here at Bow City Storage we are seeing a lot of home owners who are preparing their home for sale in order to get the maximum value. Here are some tips and links to local small businesses that can help you get your home ready for sale in Calgary.
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November 21,2023
Renting a storage unit can be daunting because it is not something one does regularly. Here are some helpful tips and questions to ask when you are doing your research for renting a storage unit in Calgary. Before renting a storage unit in Calgary, it's essential to ask relevant questions to ensure the facility meets your needs and expectations. A great place to start is to do a google search and type in “storage unit near me” because an important factor in your overall experience with your storage unit is that it is convenient for you to get to. Many storage customers choose storage facilities that are close to where they live or work, or both.
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September 29,2023
When you think of a self storage unit and its advantages, you often think that it offers you some additional space when you need it.  This is largely true if you need self storage for personal reasons.  The advantages of using self storage for small businesses are similar but different as well.  Below are some advantages small business owners get when using a self storage space for their business.
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