March 23,2023
If you're planning a move and need to store your belongings, here are some tips to help make the process smoother. Moving and storage can be stressful that is why Bow City Storage is here to help you navigate the storage and moving process.
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February 13,2023
Have you recently started up a small ecommerce store in Calgary? Or maybe you’re currently working on opening one? Self storage units are ideal for online or home businesses, especially for business owners who live in a small home and are managing reasonable amounts of stock and orders. In addition, whether you’re running an online etsy shop, an amazon delivery or an event entertainment company. Here are some great tips to help you decide whether getting a storage unit is the right solution for you and your small business.
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January 11,2023
If you are thinking about getting a storage unit in Calgary, we are help to help you with some frequently asked questions. At Bow City Storage, we welcome all the questions, since the more information you have, the better it is. Bow City Storage is open 7 days a week and our team is here to help answer all your questions. Over the last couple of years, we have had some great questions from our customers – and here are some of our most frequently asked questions!
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November 15,2022
Do you love decorating your home to mark a holiday or a special occasions, like a milestone birthday or a graduation? Decorations, ornaments, ribbons, and other decorative items add to the festive atmosphere. You probably have collected a sizable collection of holiday decorations and accessories throughout the years. Decorations are meant to be used for many years, but since they are generally only used for a few weeks out of the year - packing them away effectively can be a great time and space saver! We have compiled a list of our top recommendations for packing and storing seasonal decorations. By following these storage tips, you’ll discover how to store items properly and keep your decor organized so you can display them easily the next time a celebration comes around.
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