3 Tips to Prepare your Home for Sale

March 19,2021
3 Tips to Prepare your Home for Sale

If you are planning to list your home in Calgary this spring, here are some tip to keep in mind that will help you get the best possible price for your home, townhome or condo.  While your home’s location is a key feature for most buyers, chances are during this time of year you will not be the only one selling a home in your neighbourhood.  Here are some actionable ideas to help your home sell quickly and for more!


Organize and de-clutter – you’re going to pack anyway so you might as well get started! Consider booking a storage unit so you can create as much space in your home as possible.  Buyers love to see the homes that have some well placed furniture.  Therefore, consider getting a  professional home stager to help you stage your home.

Depersonalize – you want the buyers looking at your house, not your family pictures and memorabilia.  Pack up an store these items in a secure and climate controlled storage unit so you can enjoy these in your space right away!

Maintenance – if you know something is broken, fix it. Replace worn toilet seats or banged up screens, patch holes in drywall, etc.  Go through your home as if you are the buyer and get critical about all the little things you can easily fix during the evenings and weekends.


Curb Appeal – Once we get in to the warmer temperatures put out a container or two of bright flowers, and make sure the lawn is well tended and free of weeds or debris. Spread some bark dust, edge the lawn, and consider putting a new coat of paint on the exterior of you home.  Make that first impression the best it can be!

Bright & Spacious– Open curtains and blinds so light can stream inside, make sure the entryway is spacious as possible so buyers and their Realtor can get inside and begin their tour. Remember not to park in the driveway and consider pulling all yours out of the garage as well if you have a garage. 

Clean -Your home has to be immaculate, organized, and sparkling clean. Every home tends to have a smell and smells can affect the buyers’ mood a lot.  Ensure there aren’t any lingering odors from food, pets, etc. Furniture and old bedding can be big culprits – store this in your storage unit before you put your home on the market. Remember that buyers will open closets and doors, so keep it neat and tidy.  Keep closet floors free from debris.  Put those extra boxes, toys, seasonal clothing in to a storage unit so the potential buyer can see the home, not your things.


Do a Market Analysis – Looking at recent market data of similarly comparable homes will show you what your home will likely fetch when it sells. Evaluating this data will give you the best chance of pricing your home to sell, which is what you want to do after all!  Try to keep emotions out of your list price.

If you are preparing your to list and show, getting a storage unit can be very smart and pay off.  Getting the best sales price is what you’re after, so consider getting a storage unit to help you get your home ready to list. 

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