Frequently Asked Questions about Self Storage Units

January 11,2023

How much is it for a storage unit?

We normally don’t like to answer a question with a question – but in this case, we have to!  The price of a storage unit is based on a few different factors, but most importantly its size.  So, therefore we generally ask – what are you storing, or how much space do you need when we get asked that question?  Bow City Storage offers a full range of storage unit sizes – and it’s our goal to get the right size for our clients. 

How tall are the storage units?

Bow City Storage units are either 10 feet tall or 8 feet tall.  The standard height of a storage unit is usually 8 feet tall, but our ground floor units are 10 feet tall.  

Do I have to sign a contract?

Bow City Storage requires a User Agreement to be signed and it’s different than a contract.  The User Agreement is a monthly agreement that auto-renews monthly until you cancel it.  Cancelling your storage unit is really simple and we do not require advance notice to cancel a unit.  

Do I need to purchase insurance for my storage unit?

The quick answer is yes.  The items in your storage unit need to be insured and it does not matter if it is through the 3rd party insurance provider Bow City Storage can get you set up with, or your own insurance.  

How often can I access my storage unit?

You can access your storage unit as many times as you need.  Bow City Storage offers 24/7 secure access, so you can come at a time that is convenient for you.

Do you have carts available for unloading?

Yes, we sure do.  We have an array of carts for you to unload your items on to and taking it to your unit. 

Can I share access to my storage unit to someone else?

The smartphone app that is included in your unit rental allows you to share access to your storage unit to your family and friends.  It’s a great feature to share a digital key and not try and share a physical key with others.

Can I change unit sizes?

Absolutely and since we always want you to have the right size of storage unit – we do not charge for unit transfers.  You can transfer any time during your monthly term as well. 

Can I come in and view your facility before committing to a unit?

We always welcome facility tours.  During the tour we will show you around  - give you a sense of how the app works and how access to the facility and your storage unit works.


Bow City Storage has been operating and providing a storage solution for Calgarians since 2021.  We are locally owned and operated and our team works hard to create the best storage solution for all of our customers.  Check us out online at   



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