How Calgary Restaurants can Benefit from Using Commercial Storage

May 14,2021
How Calgary Restaurants can Benefit from Using Commercial Storage

Do you own a best rated restaurant in Calgary?  Read below to see some of the ways a conveniently located commercial storage unit can help your restaurant or hospitality business.  Bow City Storage offers commercial storage units with 24/7 access and smartphone entry.  Renting a storage unit can be a great way to maximize your premium retail space for the activities that help you earn revenue – creating and serving delicious food!   Putting seasonal décor, patio furniture and some kitchen equipment in storage can be a great way to save money on expensive retail space.  Keeping these items conveniently stored is now possible with the recent opening of Bow City Storage near downtown Calgary. 

Affordable Commercial Storage Rental Rates

It’s a fact that businesses and storefronts pay high rental rates for retail space.  Your restaurant space is very valuable and you want to use all of it for activities that earn revenue.  Operating a clean, decluttered restaurant can easily be done with renting a commercial storage unit in conjunction.  Some items that you may want to consider storing are: 

  • Kitchen equipment and non-perishables
  • Outdoor patio seating, heaters and umbrellas
  • Excess dishes for special events
  • Seasonal décor and furniture, such as Stampede decor
  • Business documents, transactions, and archives

Climate-Controlled Units

Commercial storage can offer clean and climate-controlled storage space so the restaurant and patio furniture can stay in pristine condition. Extreme temperature shifts and fluctuations can cause detrimental changes to your precious items, such as furniture, art, and archives. Humidity can destroy metals, electronics, and business files.  If you invested quite a bit money in patio furniture and décor you are not alone – keeping it in good shape through the winter will make good business sense.  A clean storage unit will make your patio furniture be customer ready for the next season.

High Security Levels

Another advantage of commercial storage is the level of security and surveillance that comes with it. As a business owner, it’s important to have the peace of mind that your items will be safe.  Back alleys and outdoor sheds are often easy targets for vandalism and burglary.

24/7 Access

If your restaurants holds special events from time to time and you don’t have the room to keep the special event equipment at your restaurant, consider putting it in commercial storage.  You have probably invested quite a bit of money in this equipment, such as music equipment, so keeping it in perfect shape is a good .  Choosing a commercial storage facility that offers 24/7 access means you can move the equipment in and out on the schedule that suits you best.

As a restaurant owner, you want your restaurant to be profitable by ensuring customers have the space they need to enjoy their experience and keep coming back. Food is about creating these experiences, sharing joy, and giving your customers a treat they won’t soon forget. For more information on Bow City Storage’s commercial storage options appropriate for your restaurant, please call 403 BOW CITY.


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