How Retail Businesses are Using Self Storage to Save Operating Costs

April 23,2021
How Retail Businesses are Using Self Storage to Save Operating Costs

Are you a small business owner in Calgary struggling to find the balance between keeping a good amount of inventory yet not clutter up your store front or have a very disorganized backroom.  Commercial real estate comes at a premium in Calgary and using self storage can reduce your leasing costs effectively.  Keeping your inventory close at hand and in a secure climate controlled environment is important and also cost effective, therefore, consider getting a storage unit at Bow City Storage near downtown Calgary.

Save Money on Commercial Rent with Self Storage

While renting a larger commercial space will give you more room for your inventory, it can be an expensive solution. Even if you only need a little more square footage, the extra feet could make your commercial rent unaffordable.  With self storage for business, you can continue to rent your smaller, more affordable property without sacrificing extra space. Whether you need extra space for a few boxes in a 5×5 unit or a 15x30 warehouse style self storage unit capable of housing all your commercial inventory, ensure you select a self storage provider that has a wide selection of unit sizes that fits your needs and budget.

Create Space with Self Storage

If you need more space in your store to help customers shop happily, you can keep extra furniture, displays, and products in self storage.   Look for a self storage provider that will not lock you in to long term contracts.  A good self storage provider will offer you the flexibility you need to run your business well.

Eliminate fluctuating operating costs

When you book a self storage unit, your cost of the unit includes everything so there will not be any surprises.  If you find you need to upsize or downsize quickly and for a short time you always can with your self storage unit space.  Self storage is ideal for small business owners who are growing quickly and could need different space depending on how sales are progressing or the seasonality of their sales.

Book Your Bow City Storage Unit Today

Bow City Storage, with its convenient location on the west end of Downtown Calgary is a preferred storage location for many local Calgary businesses.   Bow City Storage has a wide range of unit sizes and the facility’s ground floor is outfitted with higher ceilings to accommodate racking and display signs.  Bow City Storage also offer free wifi throughout the facility and offer 24/7 secure access via our smartphone app. 

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