How Self Storage can help E-Commerce Stores Succeed

February 13,2023
How Self Storage can help E-Commerce Stores Succeed

Do your research and visit the Storage Facility

It’s best to go and see the storage unit and storage facility.  Ask for a meeting with the manager about your business storage needs to ensure that it is a good fit.  Since you will likely be making regular trips to the storage unit – take note of the travel time to your storage facility, and how easy it is to get there. 

At Bow City Storage, we can accept packages for you and put them directly in to your unit.  We also send you an email or text to let you know when a delivery has been made to your unit. This is great for ecommerce businesses as you can have your stock delivered straight to the storage unit while you run the rest of your business!

Bow City Storage is also a secure 24/7 accessible facility. 

Only Pay for the Space You Need

Renting a warehouse space can be a costly long-term commitment for your online business.  Most warehouses or flex space will try to lock you in to a 1 to 10 year lease.  Renting a self storage unit is a much better option, especially if your business is just starting up, because you are never committed longer than 30 days!   There is also a large range of sizes available for self storage units, so you can upsize or downsize at any time with your business.  At Bow City Storage – we do not charge for unit transfers, since we strongly believe that you should have the right unit size for your business.

No Additional Costs

Another great benefit of using a storage unit for your e-commerce business is that you will not have any surprise operating costs related to utilities or property taxes. At a storage facility you pay for your unit’s square footage and included in that is all the amenities such as an indoor drive in loading bay, washroom, lounge area, garbage and recycling.

Organize your Stock

Renting a self storage unit is a great way to keep your e-commerce business organized and running smoothly, and separated from your home life.  Your stock is safe and secure in a storage unit, while you can enjoy all of your home.

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