How to Store Furniture

November 25,2020
How to Store Furniture

Are you moving, renovating or living abroad, or simply just clearing some clutter from your home and need to safely store your couches, beds, tables, dressers, desks and other furniture pieces in a self storage that is conveniently located?  Consider the following tips from Bow City Storage.


  1. Pack your Furniture Wisely


  • Create an inventory list of all furniture being stored for insurance purposes
  • Take apart large furniture (such as tables and bed frames) to make moving and storage easier
  • Tape a bag with all screws, nuts, bolts, and other hardware to the furniture it goes with
  • Spray furniture with cleaning sprays before storage and allow to fully dry before moving
  • Wrap all furniture in moving blankets, bubble wrap, or wrapping film to prevent damage
  • Utilize corner protectors on the edges of bed frames, tables, mirrors, and large wall decor
  • Use wrapping film or moving tape to keep dresser or cabinet doors closed during transportation
  • Stand couches and mattresses on end to maximize storage space
  • Store larger furniture toward the back and side walls of your storage unit
  • Keep all furniture off the ground with pallets in your storage unit
  • Place heavier furniture on the bottom and lightest on the top


  1. Move Your Furniture Carefully


  • Calgary’s weather can be unpredictable you don’t want your furniture exposed to the elements in an open truck so consider renting a moving van or truck to transport your valuables
  • Use dollies and carts whenever possible to avoid damaging furniture while sliding it across a floor


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