Storage Unit Packing Tips

July 26,2020
Storage Unit Packing Tips
  • Check out our tips and tricks to maximize the space in your Downtown self storage unit while keeping your belongings safe.

Utilize Shelves & Storage Furniture

Storing shelves, a dresser, or other items used for storage at home? Put those items to work to help maximize the space in your storage unit! Even something like a garbage bin can be used to store items. Don’t let hollow space go to waste! 

Keep Fragile & Heavy Items Low

This one is pretty simple. Stacking fragile items on top of other items or boxes makes them more likely to fall and break. And storing heavy items higher up will result in boxes underneath giving out and heavy items falling.

Leave Items You’ll Need Most Near the Front

Know you’ll need something sooner than later? Make sure these types of items are kept near the front of your storage unit so that taking them in and out is as convenient as possible.

Label Everything

Labelling your boxes makes it easier to arrange and access your valuables.  Don’t try to memorize this – you have a lot going on already.  Labels will also save you time when removing and unpacking your valuables. 

Go Vertical

Though fragile items shouldn’t be stacked high, using the height of a storage unit will help maximize your space. Our units are 8 feet high and it is safe to stack items up to this height.  Though a storage unit as small as a 5×5 has only 25 square feet of storage space, it has 200 cubic feet to work with. 

Make a Walkway

This one isn’t necessary if you don’t plan to take items in and out of self storage regularly, but especially when using a larger storage unit like a 10×20 or bigger, leaving a small walkway to be able to access items throughout your storage unit can save you a ton of trouble down the road.

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