The Industry’s Best Storage and Packing Tips

April 16,2024

We have gathered the industry’s best tips for making the most of your self storage unit.  Below are some tips to help make the packing, move and self storage as efficient as possible.


  1. Gather your packing material and keep them handy as you go through your home packing up different rooms and closets.  Buying packing material will save you money in the long run.   By packing it in to boxes you make is easy to stack up in your storage unit and will help to protect your belongs from being in a vehicle or truck.
  2. Try not to overload your large boxes too heavy. For example, books should be packed in a small box.  Bedding can go in a big box – because the weight will not be too much in the big box.
  3. Number or label your boxes clearly – on the side of the box is a best practice you can see the contents when you look at your stacked boxes
  4. Keep important documents such as insurance and passports in a separate folder and keep this with you so you don’t have to try and find these in your storage unit
  5. Use your storage unit space to its fullest. Try to use boxes that will stack easily to take advantage of the ceiling height in your storage unit
  6. Invest in racking – or use the racking that you are moving in to storage and stack your items or boxes on the racking.
  7. Put heavy items and electronics near the back of the unit in case you need to access something from inside the unit.
  8. Store sofas on their end to minimize the floor space you use
  9. If possible, remove the legs from your dining tables, to save space
  10. Gardening tools can be stored together in empty trash bins or cans
  11. If you booked a slightly larger unit than you needed, create an aisle space in the middle so you more easily access items throughout the storage unit


Bow City Storage is locally owned and fully climate controlled facility that offers 24/7 secure access.  We have helped many clients get the right storage unit size for their needs.  Please call us today to see how much storage space you need.  You can reach us 7 days at 403-269-2489.

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