Tips for Choosing the Right Self Storage Option in Calgary

April 12,2022
Tips for Choosing the Right Self Storage Option in Calgary


Self Storage Options Available in Calgary

Climate-controlled units

Climate-controlled storage, also known as temperature-controlled storage, is a type of self-storage facility and unit specifically built to keep consistent temperature level. The temperature inside these facilities is usually kept between a comfortable range. These kinds of units are ideal for storing household items, fragile items, such as furniture, electronics, and medical supplies.

Outdoor accessible self storage units
Outdoor storage units are located in a configuration but they can be directly accessed from the outside.  Rather than entering a building to get to your unit, you can drive right up to the door. This can be useful when moving a large number of belongings. The downside is, outdoor storage units often have limited climate control, and opening the door exposes your belongings to outdoor weather and the elements, making them more susceptible to moisture and dirt.

Portable Container Storage
This type of storage, also known as mobile storage, offers you a storage container at your home or business. Portable container storage rental is a popular option for people who are moving and need to store some belongings for a short period of time. The container is often brought to your home or place of business. Once filled, it will be picked up and stored at a commercial warehouse. Access to belongings will be limited until it is returned to your location. This type of storage can come in handy if you don’t need any access to your items and your items will not be susceptible to large temperature fluctuations.

Things to consider when choosing a self-storage facility and unit

There are numerous reasons why renting a self-storage unit is a good idea, but not all storage units and facilities offer the same perks and features. Here’s a handy checklist of things to consider when selecting a storage facility in Calgary.

It is common for would-be renters to search “self-storage near me” when looking for a storage facility. The location for the storage facility is often a crucial factor. If you are planning on frequently accessing your items, it is best to choose a facility near you. On the other hand, if you are storing while you are out of town for a length of time, the location will be less important than the cost and other features.

Safety and Security
You will be leaving your belongings there, so knowing how safe and secure a self-storage unit is critical when renting one out. You should see if they have security guards, surveillance cameras, and gated entry points, among other things. Also, when conducting a site visit ahead of time, ensure that the entire area is well-lit. This will not only keep your items safe, but it will also keep you safe when you go to access your items.

Size of self storage unit

When it comes to storage units, size is probably the most important consideration. If you’re going to rent a space, the floor size should be your number one priority, but don’t forget to consider the ceiling height as well. It will ultimately dictate how many items you can fit inside.  Make a detailed list of the items you want to store to help you determine what unit size you’ll need. Keep in mind that the size of your unit will influence the costs of renting as well.

Fees and Cost
Storage rental prices are another important consideration when selecting a storage space. The type of contract, the minimum length of time required, and any additional fees are all factors that can affect the total amount you have to pay. Most storage facilities autobill on a monthly basis and always make sure you understand the terms of the contract and your responsibilities as the “owner” of the unit. 

Storage unit rental fees are usually charged monthly, so it’s beneficial if you know how long you’re going to need your unit. The majority of facilities accept short-term stays, with the minimum being 4 weeks or a month. When selecting a facility, keep this information in mind.  And just a tip – a month is greater than 4 weeks.

If you’re looking for a storage rental in Calgary, Bow City Storage in SW Calgary is here for you. We offer different storage sizes all at a competitive price. Call our telephone number (403) 269-2489 to book your storage unit today.  We take advance booking too!  Please also visit our FAQ page, to help you with some frequently asked questions about storage.

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