Tips for helping elderly parents move

September 24,2021
Tips for helping elderly parents move

Set aside some time and put it on the calendar

If you are trying to coordinate the clean out with siblings, it is a good idea to agree to a timeline for going through your parents’ home and selecting dates on the calendar to go through things. 

Assign tasks

There are a lot of decisions to be made but not every decision needs to have all siblings involved.  Assign tasks among the group. 

Take the time to go through the valuables

Instead of deciding where an entire household full of furniture, clothes, appliances, memorabilia goes in a matter of days, rent a storage units providing you some additional much needed time to go through all of the items.  Storage units at Bow City Storage are rented on a monthly basis, so you can take as short or as long as you need to go through everything properly

Use a staging company to help with selling the home

Staging the home with updated furniture while you store your parents’ furniture  will no doubt help in getting a better sale price for the home.  First impressions matter and a stager will be able to help you create the best first impressions

Doing a deep clean

Chances are your parents’ home could use a good deep clean before it sells.  Make the deep clean a lot more effective by having the home as empty as possible. 

Consider an Estate Sale

Holding an estate sale is a great way to celebrate your parents and their belongings while simultaneously lowering your overall burden.  An estate sale is essentially a specialized garage sale where you sell your parents’ items from their estate.

Prepare a Garbage Plan

The hard truth of cleaning out your parents’ home is that you’re probably going to throw a lot of stuff away. Everyone accumulates a certain amount of invaluable stuff, especially if you have a home for a long time.

Consider a professional company

Did you know there are professionals who can help to through your parents’ home to help you decide what to keep and what to up for sale?  If you don’t live in the same city or are simply not in a position to take care of all the details involved, hire it out. 

Bow City Storage is Here for You

Our team has helped families through life events like the death of parents, simple downsizing, and more. We’re not only here to provide storage solutions for you and your family, but to help you through the hard times that often accompany storage needs. Find a storage unit near you to get started.

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