What to expect when you book a storage unit with Bow City Storage

March 22,2022
What to expect when you book a storage unit with Bow City Storage

Getting a storage unit is probably not very high up on your “to do” list until it is!  Getting a storage unit near you is not something you do very often in your lifetime, so it can be a daunting process and also an unknown process.

Getting a storage unit at Bow City Storage is way easier than you probably imagined.  We are one of the only storage facilities that allow you to book your unit online and then gain access to our facility and your unit in less than 5 minutes.  If you’re tight for time, this is the best way to book a storage unit with us. 

If you have a bit of time and you are interested to get the full tour of our storage facility and meet the Team – come on in to our downtown location and we can take 5-10 minutes and show you some of our storage facility’s features and also get to know us a little bit at the same time.  If you come down we would tell you that we are locally owned and operated and we are here to help you get the right storage unit for your needs.  We would show you our heated loading bay, the spot where we keep the moving carts for you and the 3 oversize elevators we have to take you up to your floor.

Once we have an idea of the size you need we would show you that unit size and ask you if it is the right unit size.  We have a wide range of unit sizes, so if you need a little bit of a larger storage unit, or a little bit smaller storage unit, chances are that we have one!

Once we have the right size of storage unit picked out for you, we would go back to our store office where you can relax, grab a coffee or a juice while we get you set up.  We will go through everything with you and answer any questions you may have.  We try to keep our billing really simple because life can get complicated.  We bill monthly for the storage unit, as opposed to every 4 weeks.  This means you have your set billing date and you get a full month of storage.

We take security and safety very seriously, so we do ask for government issued photo ID from all of our customers.  Our facility’s access is 24/7 for most of our customers.  We have 45 security cameras to keep an eye on your valuables and we actively monitor these cameras.

We are here for you, is our motto.  We are in the business of helping you store your valuables.  We love getting to know our storage customers and when we see relieved happy customers because they found the right storage unit, we know we did things right.

Call us, book online, or come on in.  We are here for you with our 5 star service!   We also moving supplies such as boxes and tape to save you a stop at another store.  If you need a truck – we have one of those too!  We truly thought of all the things to try and make this moving and storage process a little less daunting.  

The Bow City Storage Team

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