Bow City Advantage

The Bow City Advantage
Smart Phone Access

Use your phone to access the facility and your unit. With bluetooth technology, you can access your unit 24 hours a day without needing your key.


We use high definition cameras throughout the facility (inside and out) to keep you and your valuables safe.

24/7 Secure Access

We strongly believe you should be able to access your valuables on your schedule. Whether you need to pop in early on a Saturday morning to grab your outdoor gear, or are moving late in to the evening, our facility will be accessible via keypad or smartphone.

Monthly billing

We are keeping it simple and convenient by making your storage plan run monthly as opposed to on a 4 week cycle. This means you have certainty on the date the payment is due every month. By using calendar months instead of calendar weeks, you get a free month every year by storing with us.

4 indoor loading bays

Pull your vehicle or truck right in to 1 of our 4 heated 24 hour loading bays. Each bay can accommodate a large moving truck and we also have a height adjustable platform to make unloading from high tailgates easy and simple. The loading bay is always at a comfortable temperature and well lit for your comfort and safety.

Packing Supplies

We stock the most common used items when packing and storing your valuables. Visit our online store, or our retail store to get organized. Making sure your valuables don't get damaged is valuable.

Short and long term storage

Our storage terms are monthly and you can choose to stay for as long as you need the space for. We will not “lock you in” to long term contracts.  We believe flexibility is valuable.

Oversize High Speed Elevators

Access your floor with 1 of our 3 elevators.  We believe your time is valuable too, so we installed fast ones.  

Climate control

Our brand new building is designed specifically to keep you and your valuables at a comfortable temperature. We believe your comfort is valuable too.

Unload with Ease

Unload your vehicle on to a dollie or cart to easily move your valuables in to your unit.  We believe your back if valuable too.

Truck Rental

We offer Rental Trucks to make your move to our storage facility easy!

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