Storage Units for Small Businesses in Calgary

July 20,2023

Self storage units or business storage units can be a valuable and cost-effective way to grow your operations and run the business more efficiently. Commercial self storage units are becoming more popular in Calgary, thanks to their business-boosting benefits!

Below are some of the key advantages for small businesses to rent a storage unit.

Month to month lease terms

Small businesses need to manage their cash flow very carefully and be able to make quick changes based on fluctuations in their sales.  Storage unit rental terms typically run month to month, so if you need to downsize quickly, you can.  On the flip side, if you are getting ready for a seasonal sales event, you can rent more space temporarily as well.  The flexibility that a storage rental gives small businesses is very unique, and very valuable to small businesses experiencing ups and downs.

Convenient and Accessible Space

Self storage units are designed to be incredibly convenient to use. Pallet jacks and trolleys are available to assist customers in moving their belongings to their storage spaces. In terms of access, secure storage facilities can be open 24 hours daily.  

Package Acceptance and Delivery

Some storage facilities, including Bow City Storage, offer package acceptance services.  This means that onsite staff accepts and delivers small packages (supplies for example), to your storage unit.  This saves you the time to wait for a courier delivery.

Optimize Use of Office Space 

If you don’t have the budget to transfer to a bigger office, a self-storage unit can help you maximize your current one instead. Over time, office spaces get filled up with paperwork and unused furniture and equipment. Many small businesses have found that keeping these things offsite is more cost-effective than wasting precious working space on storing them.

These are just a few of the advantages of using a storage unit for your small business.  It’s a low risk decision, and that is something small business owners value tremendously.  Stop in to Bow City Storage today, and see how we can help your small business.

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